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Create 2.10

The Tool For Your Lighting Experiences

From user profiles to an improved project experience, discover the newest version of our lighting design software.

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A More Personalized Lighting

Now you can create user profiles and save your settings and preferences. Enhance your experience and forget about blackouts.

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A Bigger Collection of Ingredients

An enriched the Content Library with new tools to make lighting more expressive than ever. Leverage live video feeds and design bias lighting in one click. Everything you need to create outstanding experiences is here.

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An Improved Workflow for Large Projects

A new filtering tool to easily organize and sort your content and fixtures "harder, better, faster, stronger". As your ideas grow, Create will grow with them. 

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All Your Ideas in One File

Export your projects with a new format that secures all the media and content involved, and improves the integration with ProtoPixel Node for your stand-alone installations.


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