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Case Study: Outdoors

Lighting the Transition to Outdoor Spaces

In a bid to get the world back up and running, institutions and businesses are reimagining the great outdoors. See how the ProtoPixel community is facing the challenge.

SEAT Primavera Sound 002 HQ

Seat and Beats by Dre leveraged on our technology to express their vision and values by means of music driven lighting during Primavera Sound Festival. These "public facade interventions" in the iconic Glòries Tower are being showcased till today.

For us it was an innovative concept. By pressing a button in an App, the whole building changed. It is now the screen of Barcelona, and we can have all these experiences thanks to ProtoPixel.

Merlin Properties Logo 1 Antonio Gámiz,
Innovation Manager at Merlin Properties
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Artist Mario Pasqualotto created a light intervention at the internationally renowned Mies Van der Rohe Pavilion to give a completely new night look to the building. Inspired in the basic shapes of the pavilion and using ProtoPixel technology, Pasqualotto composed a lighting layer that was mostly appreciated from outdoors, creating a completely new way to see the building from outside.

Pasqualotto aimed, at the sunset time, to project the ambiences conceived by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich, with the dynamism -and alternation- of light sequences and absence of light. It was, in short, an spontaneous light redrawing of the original pencil traces.

NOU LOGO FMVRB vector Fernando Ramos,
Art Curator at Fundacio Mies
Pendulum Ingo Maurer 1

The transitions between indoor and outdoor are also opening new types of experiences. In this regard, the work of the master Ingo Maurer Flying to Peace at Messe Frankfurt is a remarkable example. It is a vertical pendulum in the form of an ellipsoid that can been seen through the glass facade moving all the way up and down.

As my company has been exhibiting at Messe Frankfurt for decades, I am well aware that, during busy days at the trade fair, there is a very real need for moments of relaxation and inspiring situations that help to provide new momentum.

Ingo maurer high res Ingo Maurer,
Founder and Creative Director at Ingo Maurer

Through modular and explorative approaches, Calidos Studio transforms public spaces bringing to life playful experiences for wide range of publics. Their installations have the power to reshape the space through lighting objects powered by ProtoPixel and showcased all around Europe.

My work is about music and light synchronization. ProtoPixel gives me that particular advantage, among many more. It's the perfect tool for all types of lighting projects.

Logo Calidos 2017 David Giribet,
Founder and Creative Director at Calidos
Sfera 1

Light and sound are also a powerful combination for acting in the outdoor and transform everyday spaces in unique environments. XAA Arquitectura and MiD Studio have explored this interaction in SFERA. ProtoPixel provided the lighting control that, in combination with real time custom generative software, triggered patterns of light and sound in a perfect sync.

Our work requires a dynamic, intuitive and compatible tool. For open air installations you need to create content quickly and run everything in real time. This is ProtoPixel for us.

Logo MID Alex Posada,
Founder and Creative Director at MID Studio
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How can ProtoPixel help you make the most of your outdoors?