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The Future of Work and Creative Spaces

The transition to remote work is opening new ways to conceive and use workspaces. See how Factory Berlin has created an innovative concept with our dynamic lighting.

Factory 1

The space where artists and technologists bring their ideas together and turn them into reality. A multipurpose area equipped a dynamic lighting system –controlled with ProtoPixel– to give it a unique look and feel.

It was vital to the Creators Lab to be able to change the lighting so fast and easy to adapt to events, parties, talks... ProtoPixel is key to create the right mood.

Factoryberlin logo white Sandira Blas,
Senior Curator and Researcher at Factory Berlin
Factory 2

Factory Berlin joined forces with Beats by Dre to create a music studio for artists, students and beginners. Lighting adds value to this space through a soft light setup that can be controlled to create color ambients and the perfect inspiring environment.

ProtoPixel adds so much value to all the spaces in different ways as it brings connection through color-changing and creates moods for every daily moment. The customized lighting is vital as it ties all together and we can easily control it. It gives the spaces an identity that changes dynamically depending on our needs.

Factoryberlin logo white Oscar Lindahl,
Creative Relations Manager at Factory Berlin
Factory Berlin gym31

Yoga, exercise circuits and gym classes coexist in this space, and ProtoPixel lighting technology contributes to change the look and feel of the space for such activities. In this case, music reactive lighting is key to energize the environment.

The challenge was to integrate functional light with expressive light in a way that was invisible to the user. In this way the space can be used both for work and fun. For this we used a combination of white and amber LED strips, together with RGB pixel strips. With ProtoPixel I was able to control both modes and integrate them into a single interface for the user to use.

Factoryberlin logo white Imanol Gómez,
ProtoPixel Ambassador at Factory Berlin
Factory 4

Thanks to ProtoPixel's hardware and software, Factory Berlin's wide range of partners are able to customize lighting ambients while adding a signature atmosphere to a yet inspiring place during talks, workshops and product presentations.

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